Night of Arts

We have a very interesting tradition here in Vaasa. The “Night of Arts” happens every year in early August!

People go out, walk around in the city. There are shows, dancers, music. Shops are open until midnight. There is food and performances on almost every corner – It doesn’t feel like Finland at all!

As the Chair of the Art Club in Vaasa it was my job to arrange this year’s event at Ateljé Torni. Very interesting… I had 4 hours of non-stop programme to fill… Would not have managed without my friends! Here are photos from the event.

Night of Arts
Night of Arts
Vaasa Art Club's annual show, Pirjo Karvonen's ceramics
Vaasa Art Club’s annual show, Pirjo Karvonen’s ceramics

In a moment of insanity I promised to do a demo on painting with soft pastels. I wanted to take the chance to promote pastels, because we aren’t that many pastel painters in Finland. I did 3 quick demos, shown here.

demo 1
demo 1

The weather was nice enough and we had lots of visitors, everything went well… my demo too. I am pleased that the demonstration gave me the opportunity to talk to people about pastel, and I got a number of new students for my pastel class, as well as a few new members for the Art club!

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