“Flowers” or when your artwork “paints itself”

I love it when this happens!

Yesterday after a really enjoyable and productive day with lunch together with art club board members, errands, fetching my painting from the framer and having coffee with artist friends, I sat down at my easel in the evening, still influenced by the 21/21 challenge.
The idea was to begin a larger winter landscape, but I wasn’t really in the mood for it…
I picked up a tiny sketch with colour notes I made several months ago, and without the more thoughts, I began an under painting in red.
Then the magic happened ..and in 15 minutes it was finished. It turned out that it was one of those work that paints itself. It’s strange when it happens, everything is flowing, and you do not think at all, no problem, no breaks, it’s like a dance without effort. I really wish it happened to me more often, even if it mostly means that the result will become something completely different than planned.

Here is my flower pastel painting, about 20×30 cm onDSC03209 Uart paper.

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