About me


I was born in the 60’s.. I live on a farm, in a small village outside Vasa (Vaasa) which is a small town in western Finland, with husband and two sons, a dog and two cats. I have always been using my hands.. loved painting, drawing, animals and gardens,Prydnadsäppel and different crafts like knitting, beading etc.

After a long break of about 20 years I started painting in oils again in 2002. A few years later I suddenly, almost by accident, found myself in a pastel class. I immediately knew that pastel is the medium for me! It allows me to work fast, I can draw as well as paint and the colours are brilliant and wonderful.

Teaching art is challenging but very rewarding, I have been teaching a pastel class at our local Art society, Vasa Konstklubb, since 2009. It is interesting to support the development of so many vastly different painters, and we have a lot of fun all covered in pastel dust on thursday evenings!

In 2013 I was elected to the board of the Pastelguild of Europe, which is an honor and great fun! In 2015 I became Chair of Vaasan Taidekerho ry – Vasa Konstklubb rf, the Art Club which runs the biggest private Art Gallery in Vaasa. And yes, it is a challenge!

I spend my free time at home on the farm or sometimes by the seaside right on the edge of our UNESCO World Heritage, the Kvarken Archipelago where my family has a summer house.

In the photos below you can see a little of my everyday surroundings, from my home and from the summerhouse. This is where I find my inspiration!

Some of the paintings on this site are for sale, and I also paint portraits and other subjects on commission. Please feel free to contact me!

trappan09 3.3.2010snö sommar11.viken sista augusti  Hösthjärta